LinuSoft – Linux and IT Support Specialists
LinuSoft has been providing IT support services to small and medium sized businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk since 2004.
Initially providing specialist Linux services, LinuSoft now provides a broad range of services, with an emphasis on promoting the use of Linux within the workplace.
Entrepreneurs and small businesses
If you are an entrepreneur or small businesses, you probably don’t have the resources to employ you own IT specialist. Like you, most smaller businesses struggle to find quality, cost effective, professional IT support when things go wrong, unless they are in the IT business themselves.
LinuSoft can offer you peace of mind at the end of a telephone call, and where necessary, in person at your business premises, to resolve issues quickly and with minimal downtime.
Larger businesses
If you are a larger business, you may have a small IT support team, or just one IT specialist.
Do you need full time IT support every day, and how do you cope with absence and holidays?
You can almost guarantee that something will stop working, just as you IT support specialist walks out the door for a 2 week holiday overseas.

LinuSoft services
LinuSoft provides a number of services to meet your needs regardless of your business size.

  • Virtual IT support team
    LinuSoft can provide you with an IT support team, accessible via you own dedicated telephone number, or email address. Your dedicated team will get to know your IT systems and infrastructure so they respond to issues quickly, and therefore build relationship of trust. The Virtual IT support team is available in a in a range of competitively priced packages, or can be tailored to suits your specific needs.
  • On-site support team – permanent or temporary
    If you need permanent on site support, LinuSoft can provide experienced and vetted specialists for short term, or longer term deployment, as a dedicated support team, or to supplement your own staff.
  • Installation & support – Windows and Linux
  • Linux server installation and support
  • Anti-virus solutions
  • VoIP solutions
  • Online backup solutions
  • Network installation and support
  • Remote monitoring
  • Software Development