• A2A (Any to Any)

    A2A (Any to Any)

    Overview Any to Any is a socket sharing tool, which allows sockets to be shared around a network using different socket types, for example, a TCP client socket can be shared over internal TCP sockets connections, and datagram connections at the same time. Socket types supported include: TCP (server) …

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  • Really Quoting


    Really Quoting is an automated quoting system for Conveyancers. It accepts quote leads from a number of sources, including the conveyancer’s website, over Email or a Webhook. The quote is calculated using fee tables specific to the lead source, and compiled into a PDF document which is emailed…

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  • Montage Viewer


    Overview Montage is an on-line media sharing application. It allows users to shared all kinds of media – photos, videos etc – with friends and family. Whilst primarily a web based project developed by the customer, LinuSoft developed a Windows application to interact with the website, and control…

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  • Stockaid

    Stock Aid

    Overview Stock Aid was produced as a Windows Desktop application connected to a server based MySQL database for a customer selling items through an on-line auction site. The requirements were to automatically download the day’s sales using the auction site’s XML API. Once downloaded, the application will select a…

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  • Electrical Test Station - Console Application

    Electrical Test Station

    Overview The Electrical Test Station suite of applications was developed for a leading electric vehicle manufacturer, to control and record the electrical tests performed at the end of the production line. This included flashing the firmware onto the vehicle defining and controlling the test plan for each station …

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  • Verify DP


    Overview Verify-DP is an embedded Linux system based on PC-104 board. The package includes: Custom Linux kernel Custom Linux system image bin tools / cross compiler for code creation System services – SSH Server, FTP Server, command line tools (busybox) Customer supplied firmware VerifyDP Graphical application Description Verify-DP was developed…

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