Software Development

Software Development

Since 2004, LinuSoft’s Software Development capability has focused principally on C++ and Qt technology on Windows or Linux based platforms, including Embedded Linux. More recently, since 2011, OSX platforms are also included.
The open-source status of Linux makes it a perfect operating system for embedded systems, complementing low cost, small size computer hardware, such as the Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi or Beaglebone Black.
Additionally, LinuSoft has experience developing applications using PHP and web based API’s, such as JSON and XML, and database systems using MySQL and SQLite.

In order to help promote the use of Linux based systems in business, LinuSoft also provides support services, including installation, configuration and ongoing maintenance, to help businesses deploy, run and get the best out of Linux servers, workstations and development and test systems. This includes integration with proprietary systems such as Windows, OSX and UNIX. With over 10 years experience in software development, on Linux (desktop, server and embedded) and Windows based systems, LinuSoft is suitably skilled for designing and producing software solutions to business requirements.

Please see our project portfolio for examples.

Target Hardware Platforms

With years of Software Development experience on Linux, LinuSoft is able to develop Embedded Linux software solutions using the Qt Framework and Yocto, for a number of different single board computers, including the Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi and BeagleBone boards.
Additionally, LinuSoft can develop Bespoke Software solutions for the desktop (Linux, OSX and Windows) and Linux Server using the Qt Framework.


LinuSoft specialises in:

  • C/C++ coding
  • Qt and STL
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Databases (MySQL and SQLite)
  • Scripting (BASH and LUA)
  • Custom Linux kernels and systems

LinuSoft also has some experience of maintaining Legacy MFC (Windows) based software, FLTK Framework and Safety Critical systems developed in ADA.

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