Bespoke Software Development

If your business processes do not fit an off-the-shelf solution, or you require software to compliment a new product, or to maintain an existing software package, our bespoke software development service may offer the solution you need.
LinuSoft specialises in:

  • C/C++, Standard Template Libraries (STL)
  • Qt framework ā€“ multi platform development on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.
  • PHP / HTML / Javascript for web based systems
  • MySQL and SQLite relational database systems
  • Redis NoSQL database
  • Linux Servers and Desktops

LinuSoft can develop both desktop software, and server side software to complete client-server solutions. With Qt, this can be accomplished across multiple platforms, including:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac OSX

See our Portfolio for examples of projects we have worked on.

All software is supplied fully tested with installers, code documentation using Doxygen, installation & user manuals, and testing records. Code is supplied on a joint ownership basis, so there is no ‘tie-in’.

LinuSoft has been working with Qt since 2004, and has extensive experience of developing Graphical applications for Desktop systems running Windows and Linux, so contact us today to discuss your software development requirements.