Embedded Software Development

LinuSoft provides an embedded software development service for businesses looking for solutions within their products, of as part of their Internet-of-Things (IoT) device connectivity.

Linux is an extremely flexible and configurable Operating System that can be tailored to run on a wide range of systems, from minimalistic hardware to high end computer systems, with high-performance graphics, multiple processors and lots of memory. It is therefore ideally suited to embedded applications, such as set top boxes, domestic appliances. satnav boxes etc.
Embedded Linux can be custom built to run on almost any computer hardware platform.

There are a number of Small Board Computers (SBC) available, all offering different hardware features and specifications. These are typically small enough to fit within small equipment enclosures,  providing a powerful software platform.

There are several add on modules, produced by 3rd party manufacturers, that may be suitable for your project, without having to develop custom add-on components. These include LCD screens, communications interfaces: e.g. GSM, CAN, RS232/422, WiFi, Enviromental sensors, Switch panels, Cameras, Breakout Boards, LED displays, etc. etc.

LinuSoft has developed embedded software for systems based on the following boards:Embedded Software Development - beagleboneblack

  • PC-104
  • Raspberry Pi
  • BeagleBone Black
  • Banana Pi

These systems typically comprise a custom Linux kernel, a toolchain with libraries, cross-compiler and application software – all configured specifically for the chosen hardware.
The Qt Framework is perfect for developing for user friendly, eye-catching graphical applications.

Embedded Software Development - Raspberry Pi2
All software is supplied fully tested with installers, code documentation using Doxygen, installation & user manuals, and testing records. Code is supplied on a joint ownership basis, so there is no ‘tie-in’.

LinuSoft has been working with Qt since 2004, and has extensive experience of developing Graphical applications for embedded systems, so contact us today to discuss your Embedded Linux requirements.